Social media strategi

What can a LinkedIn strategy , do for your turnover? Can it messured on the bottom line when you tweet about the latest design? And what can you actually sell via Facebook? Social selling is a buzzword – and not without reason.

There was a time when social media was something that companies tried to avoid smoking in the . ” It’ll be over” . ” It is only for the young .” ” Our target audience is not on Facebook .” “There is no Danes on Twitter! ” And so on. The arguments were many – and it is so far still in some . For what can you actually sell on social media ? Is it worth spending resources (read: budgets and manpower ) to be present ?
The short answer is YES !

Social media has a casting vote

Traditional sales models with cold canvas and lead generation is replaced by a new paradigm where the exposure on social media can translate into sales. Hence the concept of social selling. The buying process is fundamentally changed . Everything starts at Google, but social media has a casting vote.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Google+ , Pinterest , LinkedIn and so on are suitable in their own way excellent social selling. Marketing wrapped in relationship -building activities where the consumer actually not just communicate , but communicate with the brand.

The barrier between businesses and consumers are broken down – and the consumer can through dialogue gain greater understanding , involvement and desire to purchase products and services and even voluntarily recommend , share, and use the network to spread the messages of the company. That’s what social selling is all about. Selling a dress for example.

Ever since a handball player took off his clothes for a good cause

Under Denmark’s collection was DR P3 taken to Kvickly Hjorring , where among other handball player Jesper Nøddesbo to write autographs. Classic setup, as in the “old days ” without social media at most would have given customers in Hjorring , radio listeners and readers of the weekly paper an experience.

But with social media event took off. Jesper Nøddesbo was seized by the mood and promised to get naked if listeners gave DKK 20,000 And so it went fast . At only 30 minutes the money was in the house – and then it went quickly to share the image of the unclothed handball player . Several thousands of divisions within a few hours gave more than 1 million views on both Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. Denmark went crazy and it was almost impossible to avoid hearing about the event , which ultimately gave attention on to the national fundraising .

It was social selling , sales , branding , public relations and marketing in one.


Think of relationships and listen -listen- listen

Forget initially how many likes your Facebook page has – or how many followers who are on Twitter. Forget about the products to be sold .

Think instead of the good stories that works emotionally . Think of relationships – also for other brands. Think of cross channel marketing , and use the most important tool : the ability to listen . If you hear what others are saying about your brand , you can quickly get ten steps ahead by engaging in dialogue . About jeans feedback.

If you are an active presence on Twitter , for example , you can quickly learn more about what consumers think about your company and competitors by just listen and follow along. Almost like being a fly on the wall – and who would not like to be , if it can create sales across the board?

social -selling -wheel remember that social selling is not about to push deals out the channels. It’s not a sprint but a marathon that started up. Engage , listen , analyze and use new knowledge to create new updates.

Are you ready for social selling ?
My suggestion is that you look yourself and your organization in the eyes and open ears. Are you ready for social selling , where social relationships and channels used strategically , tactically and completely lavoperationelt ? Are you ready to change the culture and mindset sales in kjoler? So talk to your advisors about how we will tackle this challenge – and get going . Customers waiting out there, and maybe waiting around the world right now that you communicate – and sell ?